FY 2018 - 2019 Officers

  • President - Veronica Salumbides
  • 1st Vice President - Lilibeth Guazon
  • 2nd Vice President - Eva Manalang
  • Secretary - Anton Castro
  • Treasurer - Bella Audije

LAMAAA Mission

To develop members and assist them acquire the necessary skills to promote themselves towards better positions and responsibilities.

To promote and perpetuate the prestige and professional status of municipal accountants and auditors.

To assist each other and develop professional camaraderie, team spirit and cooperation among its members.

To develop and improve educational techniques in management, commercial, proprietary, governmental accounting and auditing.

LAMAAA Benefits

LAMAAA offers one-hour monthly training session equivalent to one hour of continuing professional education (CPE) credit. The annual conference around May of each year offers eight hours of educational updates by famous speakers. At the monthly training sessions, you will hear the captains of the industry or the Chief Accountants speak. This is a way to stay abreast of changes in the accounting/auditing field. LAMAAA is a great place to network with people in our field. LAMAAA provides newsletters and websites with invaluable information on up-to-date issues and developments in our specific field of interest. So join LAMAAA and enjoy the new experience and discover a new world.

May 09, 2017 - President's May Message

Thank you all for your support of LAMAAA and for those of you who attended our meetings in April and May. We're on track to become more digitally aware. Controller Ron Galperin opened our eyes to Open Data on the Controller's website, and Ted Ross helped us understand the Data Avalanche and how we can find more parking spots on street-sweeping days. Edilyn arranged for Ted to speak to us and we invite you to invite another speaker who can paint a big picture of our future in a digital government. Thanks for letting me serve you again and thanks to my supervisors for letting me take a few minutes of my time each month to serve on behalf of LAMAAA and all of you. Sincerely, Terry "Will"

April 11, 2017 - LAMAAA IS BACK

After a years-long hiatus, LAMAAA is back again. LAMAAA members held their first monthly educational meeting on April 11, 2017 in the Controller’s Conference Room (CH# 351a). There was a big turnout, with many new members attending. Our current President-elect, Will Newman greeted everyone and briefly explained what LAMAAA is all about and how it will help its members professionally and socially. He also shared Association plans for the coming months. Members Amanda Dyson and Beth Kennedy shared their career experiences and how they achieved their professional goals. The main core of the event was a presentation by Controller Ron Galperin. He discussed the Open Data feature of the Controller's website, which his Office developed. He emphasized the benefits, features, and usefulness of the tool and how it will inform City management, executives, employees, and outside business professionals. We will meet again on May 9, 2017 in the CAO Conference Room on the 13th floor of City Hall East. The guest speaker will be Ted Ross of ITA. Thanks to all our faithful members!

August 17, 2016 - Planned meeting held to revive LAMAAA

Last August 17, 2016, Department Chief Accountants gathered together along with Past President Linda Granados and discussed the revival of LAMAAA. The following were discussed during the meeting. Read more

May 13, 2014 - Modest turnout on general assembly meeting

Last May 13, 2014, LAMAAA had it first general assembly meeting after a three year hiatus, Inspite of the hectic work schedules, LAMAAA members attended the meeting and listened to the inspirational talk from Departmental Chief Accountants - Yolly Huang, Wanee Jeerapaet and Cathering Bondoc. They appealed to the members to be proactive and voluteer their time as officers of the organization. Read more

Departmental Chief Accountants met Ron Galperin

LAMAAA members and eleven (11) Department Chief Accountants met with Mr. Ron Galperin, City of Los Angeles Controller last January, 2014 to discuss the revival of LAMAAA. Mr. Galperin is supporting LAMAAA's mission.


 LAMAAA members met Ron Galperin, City of Los Angeles,Controller.
 Linda Granados addressed the general assembly meeting on May 13, 2014


 Event 1. Ted Ross, ITA General Manager discussed the digital innovation the City is undertaking.
 Event 2. Board held its first Board meeting for the year.
 3. Wanee Jeerapaet provided insights on how she achieved her goals and how LAMAAA helped her.


 Member 1.
Member 2
Member 3